Author Interview : Shilpa Niraj

We’re happy to introduce our guest, author Shilpa Niraj, who’s here to give us a glimpse into her writing world. Today, we focus on her new mystery ebook, A Murder Gone Wrong.



Title: A Murder Gone Wrong (Short Mystery Novella)
Author: Shilpa Niraj
Release Date: 28 June 2016

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Welcome, Shilpa. Please tell us about your new release.

A Murder Gone Wrong is a short mystery novella. A whodunnit comprising thirteen characters, a house party and murders, this eBook is a quick read, police procedural murder mystery. It has elements of friendship, betrayal, hatred and envy.


Why did you opt for the cozy mystery genre for your first novella?

I am not a fan of action movies or dark thrillers. The same applies to the books that I prefer to read. I choose lighthearted entertainment with some amount of intellectual stimulation.
What I like about the cozy mystery genre is that there is no violence and gore and yet it provides an excitement of solving a puzzle. I chose to write what I love to read.


Tell us about your writing process and what inspires you to write?

Inspiration is all around us. Every time I find something interesting, I note it down on my tablet. Any such idea that was randomly thought about or noted down has the potential to transform into a new story.

Usually I need absolute solitude to consolidate ideas into a plot. This plot then forms an outline. I use index cards to keep track of the characters of my story and the chapter outline so that I do not stray away from the storyline.
Since I am not a morning person, my writing time is usually noon and night.


What advice do you have for those who wish to begin the journey of being a writer?

Believe in yourself and follow the steps given below:

• Read, write, revise
• Read, write, revise
• Read, write, revise
• Repeat the above.

There are no shortcuts. Don’t give up. Sometimes even shelved, half-attempted stories later on turn out to be a great source for a new book idea.


What are your plans in the future as an author?

I have completed writing almost 50% of the first draft of my second novella and an outline for a non-fiction eBook. Once I complete these two, I will start a series in the cozy mystery genre.


We thank Shilpa Niraj for joining us on Virtual Cafe and wish her luck in all her future endeavors.


Shilpa Niraj
Author Bio :

Shilpa Niraj has been reading mysteries ever since she first discovered Nancy Drew. An ardent fan of mysteries, she can still go back and reread her favorite books of Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner. An avid reader and a blogger, she is now working on her second mystery, which will be released soon.

Shilpa holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Information Management from Mumbai University. She lives with her husband in Mumbai, India.

When she is not reading or plotting murders for her next story, she is busy exploring new destinations.

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