Insightful encounter


On a chilly winter evening, sitting in a cafe to sip some piping hot coffee with a few friends is simply divine.

So whilst we reveled in the comfortable silence of being with old friends, we overheard some interesting discussions between two people at the adjacent table. Mind you, we never eavesdrop. We just happen to overhear. 🙂

The conversation touched upon various topics but interesting  conclusions were drawn which could be very well added to the Laws of Power.

  • World prefers the underdog. Pretend to be one.
  • Never explain. People love to argue with the exactly opposite point of view.
  • Strangers would admire your achievements more than people closer to you.
  • Cracking stupid jokes make people feel that you are more human. They hate intelligence and perfection.


Unfortunate but true. We agree that the world operates on these terms.

Do you agree?




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